a.k.a Tux Coder

List of my projects using UV-CDAT

  1. UVCDAT-mmDiagnosis
  2. UVCDAT-chutil
  3. UVCDAT-IPython-Notebooks
  4. CMIPs-Handler
  5. numpy-utils

List of my hobby projects

  1. 20-20-20
  2. live_reveal
  3. Marraige-Invitaion.Py

List of my project for Tamil

  1. txt2ipa
  2. txt2unicode

To Do Project Ideas

  1. BUFR writer in python/UV-CDAT
  2. grib[1][2] writer in python/UV-CDAT


Having trouble with any one of my projects? contact me I’ll help you sort it out.